Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Statist of the Union

     I must admit the outfit suits the man.   Had he only been born in another place and time.  OOPS, well maybe he was born in another place.  It doesn't matter he was going to end up right where he is, in the greatest, freest, most generous nation the world has ever known.  Too bad he doesn't recognize greatness in anything but himself.  That's why he was able to deliver a speech filled with platitudes and fiction as if it were credible.  A master of deception doesn't worry about facts.  What are facts?  Just a mere reminder of reality.  Who needs such nonsense when Barack Obama creates his own reality, Obama's virtual reality.
     Daniel Greenfield gives a detailed account of the dishonesty that was on display in the SOU last nite.  His interpretation is an accurate read on just how misleading Obama's statements are.  Read more at

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