Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Famed Investor Trashes State of the Union Address: Makes You Wonder Whether Obama Is ‘Delusional’ Or ‘Lying’

Noted investor, free market advocate, and author Jim Rogers during an interview with Glenn Beck on Wednesday said that Tuesday’s State of the Union address makes you wonder whether President Barack Obama is “delusional” or just a good liar.

Our “debt is psychically impossible to pay off,” Rogers said after Beck asked whether the country has passed the point of no return. “We are the largest debtor nation in the history of the world.”
“If everybody paid 100 percent of their earnings as taxes, we still couldn’t pay it off,” he added.
The famed investor then turned his attention to the president’s statement last night that our economy is getting stronger.
“Mr. Obama said last night that everything is great,” Rogers said, much to Beck’s amusement. He added: “He said that everything is great and that the middle class is on the way back and everything is fine now.”
“I mean, the man is delusional. I was really afraid when I saw that,” he continued on a more serious note. “It’s delusional. It was frightening.”
“I don’t know if he believed it or if he was just lying,” Rogers added.


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