Saturday, November 26, 2016


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I WAS NEARLY 4 and can recall vividly the feelings provoked by the sights, sounds and images of this bearded, military garbed, demonic being.  Today, I am in Florida, home of millions of Cubans who fled their homeland to escape tyranny over the last century.  And I rejoice and join the Cubans in celebrating the end of a vicious era defined by persecution and inhumanities dictated by Fidel Castro. It is a great day for the Cuban People!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Obama’s Contribution to Our Identity Politics Climate

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day  2016

It’s 4:00 on Election Day 2016.  The media, the pundits and the talking heads have played their same old song, but more people are sick and tired of their same old tune.  We have lived eight years with a pseudo presidency made possible by a fawning press, bolstered by that same media, Hollywood and liberal elites.  We have witnessed the worst abuses of our Constitutional Republic, we watched repeatedly, for the first time in our history, a president stand on world stages and smugly demean our country.  This imposter heightened the fiscal crisis by adding to the deficit, with the Recovery and Reinvestment Act(stimulus bills), Obamacare, open borders, stagnant unemployment,  restricted energy policies and business killing regulations.  Do you want the media to have control over our presidential election this time too?

Take back your vote, don’t let the media driven, hyped, biased and deceiving campaign influence your vote.  Don’t be fooled by the noise.  Let your decision be informed by what America needs at this moment in history. Its not another 4 more years of deceit, corruption and destruction of our blessed nation.  At this moment in history we need a candidate that expresses his love of our country, that recognizes the damage we’ve incurred and has outlined the priority issues he must address in the first 100 days to begin to recover from our descent.

And most importantly, as Catholics and in unity with our Christian brothers, if our hearts are in the right place, there would be no question who would win our vote. There’s only one candidate who believes in life and is not afraid or apologetic about saying he is pro-life. And he says it with conviction. Who will be your choice, today?

Monday, April 18, 2016

Latest Scheme to Bring Mayhem to Our Shores

Latest Scheme to Bring Mayhem to Our Shores


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 In an article at"America, Conservative 2 Conservative" a comment appeared saying, "Refuse to accept the illegals."  (Rick Wells | April 15, 2016 at  URL: )  Rick Wells reports on the latest move by liberals to open the doors to Religious refugees in ND.   As explained by Mr. Wells, a recent survey indicates that almost 60% of Fargo residents oppose "refugee" or terrorist intern relocation to their  communities, but that won't stop the invasion.  No, it's coming to communities around Fargo under the guise of a grant based on their supposed "welcoming attitude towards immigrants and 'new' Americans."  Mr Wells says, "the mechanism for this specific phase of the takeover is called, 'The Partnership for a New American Economy.'"  An innocent name for a deceitful operation with the purpose of diluting our culture and forever changing America as we know it.  

I'm a New Yorker, but  I'm an American first. I am heartsick to hear another story of how the liberal activists and this administration are destroying  our country.  My heart goes out to the people of Grand Forks, ND and all the cities and towns across America that are being used for yet another liberal experiment that can only bring harm to Americans.

You shouldn't be surprised to see the culprits at the top of the article.  Why do these political elites, nothing more than con men, choose middle America, the heartland, to bring their wrath? Is it because they see these people as less sophisticated, less informed, people they can take advantage of?  Do they see a vast landscape to populate with all sorts of new immigrants who harbor anti-American sentiments. Many of us see the writing on the wall.  Allowing refugees, along with Illegals in staggering amounts and refusing to wage a serious  campaign against ISIS is recipe for disaster. Add to that, the partnership of Christian Churches  and religious agencies across America that are assisting illegals and refugees in return for government funds. These accommodations are dangerous and present a growing threat to Americans' security.  I'm a Catholic and I have serious questions with what churches are doing to undermine America's freedom and sovereignty.  Religious  organizations are fortresses of hope and compassion to the needy and homeless, they are not an arm of the government or should they be used as such.
It is America's security that must remain the focus, and it is its citizens that must remain vigilant, informed and prepared to make wise choices in selecting candidates who believe in America first.  Read the next post about a candidate who will make America STRONG again, then listen to his command of the facts on the economy, his analysis of the facts and the professionalism he brings to the table.

Ted Cruz Is Prepared To Take On ISIS! He Will Fight Islamic Terror!

From Breitbart News:
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)  assailed President Obama and his Iranian nuclear deal, warning “every jihadist on the face of the earth… we are coming to kill you” during a speech at the New York State Republican Gala Thursday evening..........................

We have a president who insults and ridicules the Prime Minister of Israel. We have a president who celebrates a nuclear deal with Iran that I believe poses the single gravest threat to our national security of anything in the world.
My opponents in this race, all four of them, pledged to maintain that Iranian nuclear deal. One of them says he’ll renegotiate it. Well let me be very clear, as President, on the very first day in office I will rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal.
If you feel a sense of despair — can we keep America safe after seven years of receding from the world? — it is worth remembering that foreign policy, perhaps, can change the fastest. That in January, 1981, this same nation, the nation of Iran, released our hostages the day Ronald Reagan was sworn into office. That’s the difference a strong Commander-In-Chief can make and that is the difference I, as President, will make unequivocally clear to Iran — either they will shut down their nuclear program or we will shut it down for them...............

New York City is hallowed ground. It is the site of the worst terrorist attack on United States soil and yet in the 15 years since 9-11, many in Washington have forgotten. Today, when we see an attack, whether in Paris, whether in Brussels, whether in San Bernardino, inevitably President Obama goes on national television, refuses to say the words radical Islamic terrorism and instead lectures the American people on Islamophobia. Well I want to be clear that come January, 2017 our military will no longer be governed by political correctness. And every jihadist, every jihadist on the face of the earth, should harken to these words. If you wage war against the United States of America, if you seek to murder innocent Americans, we are coming to get you, we are not coming to interrogate you, we are not coming to read you your rights, we are coming to kill you.
The time for weakness and appeasement is over.

On the economy, Ted Cruz gave an impressive interview to CNBC's, Squawkbox
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Cruz’s Wonkish CNBC Economy Interview; Only Adult in the Race