Saturday, August 8, 2009

CSA Hands off Healthcare Rally

The combined efforts of Tea Party groups across Long Island produced another impressive turnout today, Sat., Aug. 8th. Regular citizens took the time to exercise their 1st Ammendment Right to assemble peaceably. Hats off to a show of committed citizens who have a selfless stake in the preservation of our Democracy and the Constitution, the breath that sustains our great republic.

There is an amazing cross-section of people who attend these rallies, young and old, men and women, professional and non professional, working and retired, in good health and bad health, local and some from the outer boroughs, all so diverse but all with the common goal of preventing submission to arbitrary government programs. They see the writing on the wall. They understand the devastating, irreversible consequences of the Healthcare bill because many have educated themselves. They have read the parts of the bill that elicit concern and they are trying to educate others about it. They are doing the work our representatives delegate to their staff and our media deems unworthy to report. It was just this week, Wed. Aug. 5, that Arlen Specter irresponsibly said, "...when you have bills that are1000 pages ..... we divide up the bill... we have to make judgements very fast." He said this after being asked at a Town Hall meeting how he can vote confidently to reengineer our whole healthcare system. Is there any wonder people have mobilized, taken to the rallies and encouraged their neighbors to get informed ?

We have no confidence that our elected officials are performing on our behalf and the Town Hall meetings (if you can even arrange them) are indicating this every day. It is our duty to sustain this effort of reading bills, analyzing them, deciphering what impact they will have on our lives and educating others. We maintain that it is a necessary public service that we are providing, devoid of any self interest, unlike the pro healthcare operatives paid to show up at these events. I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it and heard it myself. It was revealed to one of our members, during an exchange of ideas, that he(pro Healthcare plant) was being paid by the group that sent him. At 2:00 sharp, they promptly left their posts. Their shifts were over.I feel sorry for them, buying into a system that guarantees entitlement for the price of freedom.

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Judy Pepenella said...

TJ, do you have the remarks of that individual on film or tape? We were told by others from the group that they were NOT paid, and suspected we were paid by the insurance and GOP.
What I see as sad is that the left can only put forth PAID people. We the People are there because we believe in what we are doing and saying.. interesting concept.

Judy Pepenella
Conservative Society for Action
NYS Tea Party Patriots