Thursday, August 6, 2009

Merrick Patriots
Merrick Tea Party

A Special Thank You to so many people who made this event possible
my family,we would not have had this turnout without them, Jeff, who helped organize and inspire ,Keith, your efforts made all the difference, Guest Speakers, Pamela Geller, Dorine Kenny, Steven L. Labriola, Peter Schmidt and Fred Jones and I also want to thank the Nassau Cty. Police and The Mineola Flag Co. for their generous contribution of flags.

We are a proud group of LIers who decided to come togehter on a beautiful summer day in Merrick, NY (August 3, 2009) to voice our discontent with self serving government policies. The only thing manufactured here, are the expansive policies that are designed to overwhelm the economy and create greater dependence on government. Mrs. Pellosi wants you to believe that our feelings of concern for the future of our country, are manufactured and played out at Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings. She is defaming the character of hard working Americans by spreading vicious lies about them. She was asked by a Fox News reporter, " Do you think there's legitimate grassroots opposition going on here?" She replied, " I think they are be the judge," Pellosi answered. "They're carrying swastikas and symbols like that to a town meeting on healthcare. I've been to several Tea Party rallies and organized my own and have not witnessed any such signs. People are voicing opposition with clever sayings like, We Can't Afford Free Healthcare and Bigger Government Enslaves Us All. These are peaceful, well organized demonstrations intended to call attention to a Congress that forgot they work for the people and a president who forgot he leads, only because he was elected ( by a small margin) and he is master of nothing. He answers to the people. He shouldn't disregard our Constitution and send out edicts, like he did on Tues., Aug. 4, saying, if you get an email or see something on the web about healthcare reform that seems fishy send it to the Whitehouse at

Then on Fri.Aug.7, in his desperation, he resorts to totalitarian speak, saying,
"I don't want folks who created the mess to do alot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess." Excuse me, Mr. Obama, but are you referring to the mess that started with the mortgage crisis that Barney Frank and your Economic advisor Franklin Raines had their hands in? Don't insult our intelligence Mr. Obama. You are dealing with the American people. We are willing to accept that which is unfamiliar and judge it on its merits. We are not stupid and will not tolerate abuse of power on loan from the PEOPLE, endowed by GOD.

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