Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day  2016

It’s 4:00 on Election Day 2016.  The media, the pundits and the talking heads have played their same old song, but more people are sick and tired of their same old tune.  We have lived eight years with a pseudo presidency made possible by a fawning press, bolstered by that same media, Hollywood and liberal elites.  We have witnessed the worst abuses of our Constitutional Republic, we watched repeatedly, for the first time in our history, a president stand on world stages and smugly demean our country.  This imposter heightened the fiscal crisis by adding to the deficit, with the Recovery and Reinvestment Act(stimulus bills), Obamacare, open borders, stagnant unemployment,  restricted energy policies and business killing regulations.  Do you want the media to have control over our presidential election this time too?

Take back your vote, don’t let the media driven, hyped, biased and deceiving campaign influence your vote.  Don’t be fooled by the noise.  Let your decision be informed by what America needs at this moment in history. Its not another 4 more years of deceit, corruption and destruction of our blessed nation.  At this moment in history we need a candidate that expresses his love of our country, that recognizes the damage we’ve incurred and has outlined the priority issues he must address in the first 100 days to begin to recover from our descent.

And most importantly, as Catholics and in unity with our Christian brothers, if our hearts are in the right place, there would be no question who would win our vote. There’s only one candidate who believes in life and is not afraid or apologetic about saying he is pro-life. And he says it with conviction. Who will be your choice, today?

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