Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Benghazi Hearing

The Benghazi Hearing

I had the opportunity to witness the live coverage of the Benghazi Hearing and the testimony that emerged as a result.  I have the facts to make a clear and concise assessment of Hillary’s testimony, the questioning by the Select Committee and the interaction between the players.  I was lucky to have had the unique experience of viewing the coverage live and am privileged to share my account, my thoughts and reactions with you.

Hillary supporters, main stream media and her adoring fans praised Hillary and called what she did on Thursday in front of the House Select Committee, a performance.  She was able to shine in the spotlight with the help of Democrats who sang her praises, especially Rep. Elijah Cummings, who “…… praised the former secretary for her transparency,” even though the “committee had not received all the information they needed to conduct the investigation.” (Dailycaller.com)  Other representatives set the stage for her to portray herself as a competent and committed leader.  As most of us with half a brain know we wouldn’t be discussing this right now if either of those things were true.

Those in the mainstream media reported that she should be commended for her stamina.  After all, she withstood the probe of the spotlight and the questioning like a pro.  But, my feeling is why would she feel pressure or fatigue when she is held to a different set of standards?   Her experience was stress free, no worries of repercussions.  Her lies are without consequence.  Even though the evidence proves a gross lie was told to the American people about the reason for the Benghazi attacks, there is no outrage by the media, by government officials and most of the American people.

Clinton’s inclination was weaving lies into truth, cleverly manipulating details and distancing herself from accusation, so as to avoid culpability.  In her testimony she relays an account of elaborate demands and expectations in her position, sparing no time for the mundane requests of increased security by Ambassador Stevens. Instead she leveraged her subordinates’ reputations to cover her failings.  She presented this testimony with confidence and the assurance of one who is beyond reproach.  As she looked out to the cheer leaders representing half the select committee she counted on their approval and admiration of her performance.  And they were more than happy to do so.

Trey Gowdy and the House Select Committee were tenacious in their line of questioning and impeccable in circumventing her evasiveness. During hours of questioning they exposed her deceptive posture and Hillary revealed incompetence, callousness and lack of empathy throughout.  Most notably seen in an answer and remark to Representative Susan Brooks when she asked Hillary “Did you ever talk to Ambassador Steven’s when all this was going on in the hotbed of Libya?”  Clinton would not respond and then Rep. Brooks said, “That is a yes or no answer Madam Secretary.  Did you ever personally speak to Ambassador Stevens after you swore him in in May, 2012?  Yes or no, please.”  “Yes, I believe I did,” Clinton said.  “And when was that?” asked Brooks.  “I don’t recall,” Clinton responded. (http://dailycaller.com/2015/10/22/hillary-cant-remember-when-or-if-she-talked-to-chris-stevens-in-months-before-benghazi-attack-video/)  Susan Brooks was impressive and to the point.  Throughout the hearing she and other committee members, Trey Gowdy, Chairman (SC), Peter Roskam (IL), Jim Jordan (OH) and Mike Pompeo (KS) had well developed questions that shed light on pertinent information and offered insight into Hillary’s inadequacies as Secretary of State. There were many brilliant moments of questioning and new evidence, especially the six hundred requests for additional and timely security measures by Ambassador Stevens.  Could anything be more damming, indicating at the least, irresponsibility and at the most a dereliction of duty that clearly points to unfit and dangerous leadership.

Hillary Clinton suffers from an elitist mentality.  Her denial of responsibility to thwart judgement, her bloviating to mask incompetence and the arrogance with which she dismisses herself from scrutiny are character flaws of elitists, but I would go further to describe her as self-centered, incompetent, dangerous and unfit to lead.  Certainly inadequate and unworthy of the office of the presidency.


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