Monday, November 3, 2014


Election Day is finally here.
On November 4, will you do your part to defend our principles, restore principled leadership and protect America's future?
Set your alarm, mark your calendar and make a plan to vote TOMORROW.
Here’s a quick checklist of things to do:
We've seen what Barack Obama and the Democrats’ agenda looks like for the past 6 years: bigger government and smaller paychecks; less freedoms and more debt.
America deserves better. Republicans have the principles and policies for American renewal.
But it all depends on your vote tomorrow.
Make your voice heard and your vote count: be a voter tomorrow.
Please visit for more information on voting.
Sharon Day
RNC Co-Chair

Dear Sharon, 
   Are u kidding me. I've been urging, campaigning, educating and engaging voters since 2009 through Tea Party organizations, local elections, Religious liberty efforts and my blog to get involved and get INFORMED for the sake of our country.  
   Myself and many devoted and patriotic Americans have been working hard and furious for 6 years doing this work, with little or no support from the GOP and many times in spite of the GOP.  The GOP was no where to be found when we (Congressional District 4 in NY) needed support from them to help us advance a superior candidate with honorable principles.  Instead we got a retread RINO as a candidate as a place holder on the Republican line. 
   So save your get out the vote message.  The Republicans and Conservatives here in NY need a lifeline and a Republican organization that is excited about putting their money where their mouths are in supporting the grassroots in New   York.
My husband and I have donated substantially to Rep. Candidates of our choice   We don't need a computer generated program with unknown names to hound us for donations.
We pray for our Country and for a Conservative windfall.
Toni DelVecchio
Conservative, Republican
Religious liberty advocate

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