Friday, October 24, 2014



We need to be reminded that our participation in government is as important today,  and maybe more important and precious than the time depicted in this picture.  I pray that we are not far removed from the time honored traditions of faith, family and country.  I chose this picture because it resonates with those principles, all of them, not one without the other.  We are facing serious problems in our country and they must be addressed by principled leaders, who are willing to apply common sense approaches consistent with our Constitution and guided by our Judeo-Christian beliefs.  But it is going to take the power of the people to make our government work again.  It has been left too long to men who abuse power, disregard the electorate and break the laws of the land.  I am asking you to make wise, informed and conscience driven choices this election day and every election going forward and to stay engaged and more importantly active in the political process.  And you must bring this message of EVER VIGILANT to family, friends and co-workers if you want to save our country! 

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