Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Dear Fellow Patriots,
  On July 4,2014 we celebrated 238 years of pride and loyalty to our Country and Independence that we were able to secure through a hard fought war and the birth of a nation conceived in the hearts of men, inspired by their will and realized by their faith in Divine Providence.
    We sometimes forget the realized part of that last sentence.  Many great achievements are conceived in the hearts and minds of men, through which many righteous causes are accomplished, but not all the beneficiaries are aware that these are gifts bestowed upon them.   
   Many take the gift of freedom for granted and the people, who fought and died for it. We are the participants of the greatest experiment, we are the beneficiaries of God's will for a free, prosperous and generous nation and its time we start cherishing that blessing.  We are at a crossroads on many fronts in this country and our time is now.  Each one of us is being called to participate. If not now there may not be a when.    And so on the heels of this fourth of July celebration, it is incumbent upon you to see  a celebration of America on the Big Screen in Dinesh D'Souza's full length documentary entitled, "America" the movie.  Showing in  AMC LOEWS Raceway 10, Westbury.

Happy 4th &

God Bless America

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