Monday, July 9, 2012

       It matters and that's why 

on July 3, 2012 the Cure' of Ars Religious Liberty Group  observed the true Meaning of the 4th of July with patriotic readings and prayer, at the beautiful Garden of Mercy (Cure' of Ars Church), recognizing  America's exceptionalism in her struggle for Independence and the wisdom of Great men to conceptualize it in a document that would stand the test of time.  These timeless truths come to us from our Creator and they inspired a Declaration of Independence that included them as self evident.  

 But the time has come when men of no honor, promote deceit to gain popularity and erode God-given rights to replace with government edicts.  So we are called at this moment in time to live up to similar challenges our forefathers faced, with the prospect of  losses as well.  But we, like our forefathers will not allow fear to dissuade us or weaken our resolve to reestablish for future generations what was so generously passed on to us by the sacrifices of so many.  Many men of Honor, We Thank You for your Courage, for your Selflessness and Pray that we will act in your honor to preserve our great nation, its Constitution and the Promise of Freedom.

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