Friday, September 16, 2011

  SEPTEMBER 11, 2011                                        

      For those who could not attend the 10 Year Memorial Service of 9/11, please take a minute to reflect by viewing the actual service and the activity of the day.  You will see the presentation of the reading of names by family members, with the backdrop of the Memorial site and you will hear  the inspirational voices of a choir as they perform, "I Will Remember You".  
     An unfinished Tower 1 rises spectacularly from the construction site and people, young and old alike, some not even born at the time of the attack are gathered to remember. There was something so moving about being part of this group of people, something so special about the shared commitment of preserving the legacy of each and every one of our fallen heroes.   I felt a spiritual bond that day,  a purpose we share, and common goals we seek, of honoring the victim's lives, of conveying the truth about 9/11 and of educating others about the persistent threat of Radical Islam.





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