Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sarah Gave One Hell of a Speech

Sarah Gave One Hell of a Speech

If this
speech isn't electrifying, I don't know what is. John Nolte's critique of Sarah Palin's speech in Wisconsin hit the nail on the head. Palin conveyed a sense of solidarity with the people of Wisconsin by acknowledging the union voices, but defended the much needed, responsible actions taken by Governor Walker. Sarah Palin is so effective in shedding the light on big government and the hypocritical, destructive policies of Obama and she does it unlike any other GOP contender so far. She is fearless and determined to present the most accurate picture of Obama's flawed and dangerous policies and she does it with ease. The GOP needs a strong voice and she has it. Watch as she captures the audience.

Sarah Palin Steps Into Wisconsin, Points to Left Field, and Hits a Grand Slam
Video embedded
By John Nolte

She was feisty. She was bold. And she was gutsy.

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