Monday, November 1, 2010

Two Years Later, November 2, 2010
An Historic Day in America

Today is the day to get out and vote and tell those in Washington they are fired for not listening to the people.

I have been at work for over a year now, with a very specific goal of educating my circle of family and friends and community, of the overreaching policies of the current administration. Myself and so many other patriotic Americans found ourselves drawn to a cause that was greater than ourselves. Mothers, fathers, grandparents, sisters, brothers, young and old, knew that our way of life was under a new kind of attack, an attack from within, with a plan to transform and dismantle America as we know it.
It's as simple as that, but complicated to the everyday person to conceive, that there are forces at work and blueprints being drawn that will have the inevitable result of a more dependent, less free nation. That's not the country we want to turn over to our children and grandchildren. Which leads me to why I became involved in local politics. I began to see the wisdom of the saying, "All politics is local." We must start with our local communities, towns, cities and states to start to effect change. And many Long Island residents have been doing exactly that! We will begin tomorrow by electing candidates who believe in less government and who embrace policies that guarantee a return to fiscal health, job growth and the power of the individual.
These candidates embrace this philosophy.
Republican Candidate for 4th Congressional District, Fran Becker
Republican Candidate for 2nd Congressional District, John Gomez
Republican Candidate for the 5th Congressional District, Dr. James Milano
Republican Candidate for Governor, Carl Paladino.

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