Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Citizen's Impression of Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Event

It's Wednesday after the Glenn Beck Event, perhaps one of the most touching tributes to our country, it's heroes and our Creator. It took place on a beautiful summer day, Saturday, 8/28 in front of the monumental Lincoln Memorial. There couldn't have been a more fitting backdrop for such a notable occasion. What struck me once again was the spirit of the American people (hundreds of thousands of them) and their enduring commitment to stand together for the sake of their country, upholding principles that are timeless and certain. Those principles are the building blocks that gave birth to our great nation and the framework that has sustained our way of life through good times and bad, through war and peace, through prosperity and depression and through complacency and awakening.

You might say that the competing forces of complacency and awakening are always occurring throughout the history of a nation . To some degree that is true, but never has our nation been so complacent as to not recognize the fraud so skillfully perpetrated on them. While we were asleep for decades, destructive forces were at work with few significant voices of opposition. Liberal voices in government, in the media, in academia, and in entertainment were influencing the dialogue and conscience of the people. Over the years these voices promoted the dissolution of America, her standing in the world and her grandeur as the beacon of freedom and they infected every aspect of American life. They succeeded in their most diabolical act when they collaborated to have the most inexperienced, dishonest and emotionally vacant individual elected to the presidency, an office till now, reserved for competent and intellectually honest individuals.

Which brings me back to Glenn Beck.
Thank You, Glenn, for awakening many from their slumber and for providing a venue for people like myself to hear the truth and to support you for being brave enough to advocate for truth and honesty. We are no longer the silent majority, but a majority that has found our voice through various mediums; Tea Party Rallys, Town Hall meetings, discussion groups in our homes and political blogs. We are grateful for your steadfast approach to tackling the issues that plague our country. We admire your commitment to rejuvenate the spiritual component that precipitated the founding of our nation and we share your belief that our faith is just as important today.

Your delivery was superb, your message was clear and the audience responded with astounding approval. We knew we attended this event for a special reason and we knew we would leave energized and with the urgency needed to save our nation. We experienced once again all that is great about America as we did 1 year ago on the lawn of the Capitol at the 9-12 March. Your event couldn't have been staged more appropriately, in line with the glistening beauty of the Reflecting Pool. Your eloquent performance, Sara Palin's espousing of love of country, the bravest of the brave servicemen evoking pride and appreciation, the Ministers profession of faith, all reflected the character of the people in the crowd and the strength of their convictions. As a regular person and a participant in the Restoring Honor Event I am proud to say I was there and lucky to be able to share it with others. Glenn, you had a vision of something extraordinary, and your vision was fulfilled. The day's events reflected the American people's resolve to act when our country calls, to prepare the way for a renewal of American ideals of faith, hope and charity and to restore the honor and integrity that made our Country great.

Thank You, again, for being the spokesman that you are and for gathering us in one place to show the commitment and love of country shared by hundreds of thousands of Great Americans like yourself.

Enjoy the videos of some of Glenn's presentation and the sights of Washington

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