Monday, December 7, 2009


We are civilian soldiers fighting the a battle of our lifetime, confronting an amorphous enemy, an enemy that is not defined on a battlefield or by uniform. We are fighting an enemy that is not perceived as such and, that, is its greatest advantage. It will continue to be its most effective weapon in this war, one that eludes the opponent, producing complacency and inaction.

This complacency takes many forms among our citizenry. As the foot soldiers in this battle we are aware of the lack of interest and of the lack of understanding about the insidious nature of this enemy. We work hard to educate our fellow citizens about the imminent danger of our situation. We reach many, but there are still those that prefer to ignore the signs and resort to denial. We must continue to educate and fight with the tremendous resources of citizen action groups (Tea Party Groups,Alternative Media Sites,Citizen Bloggers), Organizations like 9/11 Never Forget Coalition, Dick Army's FreedomWorks, Move America Forward PAC, Our Country Deserves Better PAC, Tea Party Patriots, Conservative Society for Action and many others
and we must continue to expose the deceit that poses as a legitimate administration in Washington. Are those words too strong....GOOD, they were meant to be.
We have to stop pussyfooting around and say what we mean and mean what we say !!!!!!

I have never seen so many heroic, courageous, passionate, and committed people in the last 9 months, as I have organized, attended, rallied and filmed the Tea Party events. These dedicated people are my inspiration, my fellow patriots. The people who are responsible for creating a new voice, a consequential voice, a voice responsible for postponing a monumental vote in July that would have activated the OBAMA TRANSFORMATION of America. God Bless these Patriots and the dedication they have shown in fighting the expansion of an Obama government and in preserving the sanctity of the individual and liberties of our Constitution.

I am proud to be a member of this Patriotic Band of Brothers and Sisters and have once again had the honor of joining them side by side to remember the fallen heroes of the 9/11 attack on our homeland. We must never forget the valiant acts of that day, and we must never forget that they took on a soldier's role with no forewarning that the enemy was at hand and a war was waged. In honor of their courageous acts we must see to it that the amorphous enemy be tried like every other war criminal. It was an attack and it was an act of war and those who planned and executed the attack must be treated and tried in a Military court, as provided by our system. This is what our country has done in the past and it is what it must do in the face of a most treacherous and shrewd enemy. They must be tried as enemy combatants, not criminals who perpetrated a crime. They
must not receive the rights of an American being tried in a Civilian Court.

We must fight this travesty and all the other attempts designed to weaken America's resolve in the fight against foreign terrorism and terrorism being cultivated within our own borders. We must remain vigilant, true to our convictions and ready to fight for everything we believe in if we want to recognize our country in three years. Look at what's happened in 1 year, read "Do You Recognize America?" by Glenn Beck.

Please take the time to voice your outrage about this decision, write your representatives and tell them to speak out on this issue. It is time for them to start acting like Americans and not some flunkies pressured by a derelict Attorney General and dishonest Congress.
Below is video of the event with MC , Steve Malzberg, exceptional talk show host at WOR 710,
who did a phenomenal job of hosting the event and many wonderful speakers, first responder, TimBrown; family members who lost loved ones, Debra Burlingame; a survivor and her husband Lauren Manning andGreg Manning; actor, Brian Dennehy reading a letter from Judea and Ruth Pearl, parents of slain Wall Street Journal reporter, Daniel Pearl. Please take the time to listen to these people as they ask for a our support in helping to reverse this decision and have the terrorists tried in the proper forum and have justice served.


nygoe said...

Great job, Toni!
I'm putting up a link in my report.

one of the suvals said...

Keep fighting the good fight Toni!!....I first met you at the Gazebo at the rally a few months back, and caught you last week in Garfields Pharmacy when you re-introduced yourself....Nice pic with you and Malzberg. Steve and I both went to Brooklyn College at the same time and were both part of radio station WBCR...We still speak periodically...God Bless, Mitch Suval