Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day of Remembrance

Let's never forget why people gather on September 11, every year. Most of us have an indelible image in our minds, that will never be erased. As much as Barack Obama wants to replace the meaning of the day with his self-serving agenda, we won't allow it. We will fiercely oppose him. It is our day to pay tribute, now and always, to those who died innocently, to those who bravely sacrificed, to those who persevered in the face of tragedy and to fellow Americans who stand strong in defense of our nation and its Constitution.

We must reject Obama' s immoral conception of superceding the real meaning of 9/11, with his phony dedication of a Day of Service and his audacity to force it on us on this most solemn day. What was wrong with dedicating another day to service? Nothing, except that his real motive wouldn't be accomplished, to erase the meaning of 9/11. You can't control our minds, how we think and feel or remember. Although if you get your hands on healthcare you'll have succeeded in being as close to God in making life and death decisions.

We must reject Obama and his policies, his revision of America and the significance of our history. We are our history, we are a wonderful collage of many races, ethnic groups, religions, diverse opinions and histories. Not one of us would want to relinquish any part of our identity and neither would any one of us deny any part of our shared American identity. So Mr. Obama stop manipulating history for your gain and to promote an UNPOPULAR agenda. We know you.

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Jaky Astik said...

Long Live US! and the world religion!