Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Newswires are Burning

The newswires are burning. Obama must pass his healthcare by the end of August. Is that what the American people want, another oppressive bill that won't even be read by most of the Congress, that will put an extra burden on the economy to the tune of 1 trillion in ten years. Not to speak of the loss of choice in health care coverage and in your personal care. Did you know there will be guidelines for the aging to determine whether they fit a profile worthy of procedures or treatments. Pretty SCARY stuff. These are just some of the scary things that a government run program will deliver. Compound this with Cap and Trade, Higher Taxes across the board, weakened Immigration controls. It's all about more government control, dependence on government, all in exchange for your FREEDOMS.
Every other day Obama calls a news conference to PUSH Obamacare down our throats in order to meet his August deadline before the Congress leaves for summer break. He got his media buddies to once again interrupt prime time scheduling so he can push his power grabbing agenda, tonite at 9:00PM on channel 2. Don't let him do it! You know what's right for America and our future, now exercise your constitutional right and use the powers granted you as an American citizen to stop this insanity before it's too LATE and you no longer enjoy the choices afforded by our God given right as stated so eloquently by our foreathers. We didn't suffer the pains our forefathers did to win these freedoms, but we must protect them when there are destructive forces at work.

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The People

Do you love your Country? Do you believe in your country? Do you want your children to know the America you knew? If you answered YES, YES, YES, Then NOW, NOW, NOW is the time to act. Come and join our Merrick Tea Party at the MERRICK TRAIN STATION, Broadcast Plaza, across from the Merrick Cinema on

August 3, 2009 at 5:00 PM It is time to demand representation from our elected officials

We are faced with issues that are threatening our American way of life. We want leaders who will fight with us, against:

Higher Taxes-designed to redistribute wealth

Government Health Care –will ultimately eliminate choice, rationed care & Gov’t approval will have devastating effects on survival

Cap & Trade- imposed taxes on business will increase costs for consumers

Weakened Immigration controls- reversing policy that allows states to arrest illegals for minor infractions

Gun Control – stripping us of our Constitutional Right

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