Saturday, February 28, 2009

Read Between the Lines


Never before has it been so imperative to read between the lines. I know how hard it is to just stay abreast of the news. But it is now more than ever, our responsibility to read, digest and analyze the steps taken by this government in one month. It is apparent to me and many others that, at this speed, they are on a jet stream to a successful transformation of our country.

When have we ever seen or heard of such extreme measures taken so quickly. We have to stop and question the motives behind these measures. Sunday morning, March 1, 2009, on Face the Nation, I heard Rahm Emaunuel tell Bob Schieffer that he should not be concerned at the speed with which "economic recovery" is being enacted or about the content of these acts. Rahm Emaunuel's contention is that there should be no surprises here, President Hussein campaigned on extreme measures and he's faithfully carrying them out. He is being true to his promises whether they be worthy solutions to our economic crisis or the smokescreens that will produce irreversible conditions for generations, such as bigger government, spending out of control (negating his assertion that he can reduce the deficit), government intrusion into what we say, how we express faith, our reverence for life and deemphasizing a strong military, while advocating a totalitarian style civilian national security force.

There is a force within this man that is undetectable by many, hidden by the charm and allure of a personality, that can fool enough of the people most of the time, and repulse the rest of us all of the time. This obsession to present a palatable image became apparent when he identified himself as a Christian. We all know that he is anything but a Christian in the true sense of the word. His church is a spin off of Black Liberation Theology, no connection to Christian theology. It can be described as a perversion of Christianity. Then he adopted the Black American Slave experience as his own for the sake of intoxicating his adorers with his prose on the history of racism. Neither he nor his father share this story rooted in American history, but then again it adds so much more drama when you or your family have been a victim. And what about this name thing. He is Barack Obama for the primaries and the general election, and emerges as Barack Hussein Obama upon taking the oath of office. Are we to assume that with the emergence of a new identification, so too emerges a new or the old Barack Obama? Something to ponder.

I digress, to get back to the talk of the day, we have a responsibility to stay abreast of the critical economic and social policies Mr. Obama is promoting. We know he is using the economic crisis to promote and solidify changes that will establish a socialist machinery. America has a constitution to uphold, not the agenda of a power driven liberal whose ideology is in keeping with the European socialists. Keep in mind that it is our responsibility, starting now, to contact our representatives Republican and Democrat alike, in response to the most expensive budget ever proposed. You might say how could Obama be proposing such a thing in the middle of such a crisis. That is the thing, he's not really concerned with getting us back to sound economics (if he even understands that) He's concerned with satisfying the interest groups and supplying the pork. He can't possibly reduce the deficit with all the spending he's proposing, that's just another smokscreen to further his agenda. When you see the headlines or listen to the soundbites over the next few weeks about passing the most expensive budget that exceeds the total of all budgets since Washington through Reagan, up to Bush, ask yourself why.

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